Single Package Cooling and Heating Units
DNP 024 to 060 Affinity® Packaged Unit

2 - 5 Tons

13.0 to 13.7 SEER / 11.0 to 11.8 EER / 80% AFUE

Compressor - 10yr 1ph / 5yr 3ph
Heat Exchanger - 20 yr
Other parts - 5yr 1ph / 1yr 3ph

Affinity® Series single packaged (DNP)

YORK's Affinity® package units are designed to handle applications ranging from residential to light commercial and any in between. The Affinity® is a unit that gives you the flexibility and choices you need in today's market with 13+ SEER along with a factory mounted TXV.

Special Benefits
  • Cooling / Gas heating units (Natural Gas or Propane
  • Low profile
  • Quiet operation
  • Optional field installed economizers
  • Optional field installed motorized dampers
  • Optional propane conversion kit
  • Optional High Altitude gas or propane kit
  • Optional NOx kits
  • Modular electrical connections for ease of installation
  • Full perimeter base rails
  • Trouble free utility connections

Publications and Manuals
DescriptionPart NumberFile Size
Consumer Brochures
Consumer Brochure - Affinity™ Series Air Conditioning & Heat Pump Packaged Units 345863-YCB-A-1007632 KB
Consumer Brochure - Affinity™ Series Commercial Packaged Systems 358480-YCB-A-1207541 KB
Tech Guides
Technical Guide - DNP024 thru 060 Affinity™ Single Package Gas/Electric Air-Cooled Air Conditioners (13 SEER) 291626-YTG-C-11084471 KB
Installation Instructions
DNP024 thru 060 Affinity Single Package Gas/Electric Air Cooled Air Conditioners 280241-YIM-D-09093724 KB
Accessory Installation Instructions
1CE0701 Contactor Enclosure Kit 035-18437-001-A-0503299 KB
1FE0413 Flue Exhaust Kit 130213-UAI-A-0605192 KB
1FF0110 Filter Frame Kit 530.46-N1.18V-099557 KB
1FF0112 Filter Frame Kit 530.46-N1.15V-109928 KB
1HA0802 Natural Gas and Propane High Altitude Conversion Accessory 10861-UAI-B-0407126 KB
1LN0802 Low NOx Accessory 530.46-N1.14V-049626 KB
1NP0807/1NP0809 Propane Conversion Accessory 289836-UAI-C-110936 KB
1NP0808/1NP0810 Propane Conversion Accessory 289835-UAI-C-110935 KB
2EC04700524 Single Enthalpy Kit 530.46-N1.9V-019914 KB
2EC06700124 Transformer Kit 10844-UAI-C-010927 KB
2EE04703124 Single Blade Economizer for Down Supply/Return Applications 530.46-N1.31U-0799276 KB
2EE04705324 Interposing Blade Economizer Damper and Hood Assembly 035-19857-000-A-0104435 KB
2LA04700824 Low Ambient Kit 10766-UAI-B-1208297 KB
2PK04700824 Refrigerant Safety Kit 530.46-N1.11V-099538 KB
2TD08700324 Anti-Recycle Timer Kit 530.46-N1.16V-099524 KB
Installation Accessory - 2EC04700924 Dual Enthalpy Kit 035-13354-000-A-040216 KB
Submittal Drawings
1AK0107 Round Adapter Kit 530.46-SD13Y-119587 KB
1BD0406 Burglar Bar Kit 036-22443-001-B-090378 KB
1FA0406 Manual Outdoor Air Damper (0% to 50% Capability) 530.46-SD14Y-119532 KB
1RC0449 & 1RC0463 Roof Curb 036-22442-001-A-0203413 KB
2EE04703124 Economizer for Down Supply/Return Applications 530.46-SD19Y-0797226 KB
2FA08700124 - Motorized Fresh Air Damper (0% to 50% Capability) 530.46-SD15Y-029748 KB
Submittal Data Sheet - 1FE0413 Flue Exhaust Kit for Single Package Gas/Electric Equipment 036-22982-001-A-060599 KB
Submittal Data Sheet - 1HG0812 and 1HG0817 Hail Guard Kit 530.46-SD12Y-059741 KB
Submittal Data Sheet - 2EE04702724 & 2EE04703024 Economizer for Down Supply/Return Applications 530.46-SD16Y-109629 KB
Submittal Data Sheet - DNP024 thru 060 Affinity™ Single Package Gas/Electric Air Conditioner (13 SEER) 288822-YSD-B-1108120 KB
Repair Parts
Repair Parts - DNP Package Unit 035-19040-000-A-080241 KB
User Manuals
User Manual - Single Package Gas/Electric Air Conditioner 291891-YUM-A-0207270 KB
Warranty Information
Warranty - Residential/Commercial Equipment Warranty 11481-URC-L-040937 KB
Warranty - UPG 20 Year Heat Exchanger 66207-UWA-B-050635 KB
Warranty Certificate - Unitary Products Limited Warranty 5 Year Hermetic Compressor Limited and 1 Year Other Parts 65711-UWA-A-0602215 KB