Air Handlers
EW - Electric Wall Mount

1 - 3 Tons


Other parts - 5 Years Parts

Electric Wall Mount Air Handler (Front & Bottom Return)

  • No return air ductwork is required if the application provides for return air in the front of the cabinet through either a louvered closet door or an optional accessory decorative grille panel
  • Cooling or heat pump applications with orifice, R22 or R-410A TXV metering devices
  • Designed for front or bottom return air position
  • Closet installation or wall with decorative grill
  • Durable pre-painted steel cabinet
  • Cabinets fully insulated with mylar faced insulation
  • High efficiency rifled copper tube & enhanced aluminum fins
  • Coils tested at 500 psi, nitrogen pressurized and factory sealed
  • Quiet, efficient, direct drive multi-speed blowers
  • Rail mounted blowers for easy service
  • Time delay relay (TDR)
  • Primary and secondary drain connections exit from the bottom or primary on the right side of the cabinet
  • ETL and ARI certified

Special Benefits
  • Factory or field installed heater kits - 3, 5, 8 and 10 kW electric heat kits include a circuit breaker
  • Heat kits easily installed using Molex plugs (for field installed applications)
  • Rugged, UV safe drain pan
  • The 22 inch wide cabinet size in all models allows units to fit between standard stud spacing
  • A disconnect opening seal cover is supplied as an accessory to be used if the unit is to be installed in non-conditioned space to eliminate condensation from forming around the pane

Publications and Manuals
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Tech Guides
Technical Guide - EWN/EWW18 thru 36 Vertical Wall Mount Air Handlers 399232-UTG-B-0209192 KB
Installation Instructions
Installation Manual - EW Series Vertical Wall Mount Air Handler 392782-UIM-A-03081677 KB
Installation Manual - EWW Series Electric Heat Kits 397398-UIM-A-03081270 KB
Submittal Drawings
Submittal Data Sheet - EWN/EWW & HWN/HWW Series Vertical Wall Mount Air Handlers Split-System Fan Coil 399234-USD-A-0308328 KB
Repair Parts
Repair Parts - Electric Wall Mounted Air Handlers "Style A" 035-22024-001-C-0209201 KB