Single Package Cooling and Heating Units
DNQ024-060 Affinity® Packaged Product

2 - 5 Tons

14.0 SEER / 12.0 EER / 80% AFUE

Compressor - 10-Year Limited*
Heat Exchanger - 20 years
Other parts - 10-Year Limited*

DNQ Affinity® Packaged Air Conditioner

YORK’s Affinity® package units are designed to handle applications ranging from residential to light commercial and any in between. The Affinty® is a unit that gives you the flexibility and choices you need in todays market.

Special Benefits
  • R-410A Refrigerant
  • Cooling/Gas Heating Units (Natural Gas or Propane)
  • Low Profile
  • Quiet Operation
  • Common Footprint
  • Optional Slide in Motorized Dampers
  • Optional Slide in Economizers
  • Optional Propane Conversion Kit
  • Optional High Altitude Conversion Kit (Natural Gas/Propane)
  • Optional Low NOx Kit
  • Full Permeter Base Rails
  • Bottom and Side Utility Connections
  • 1" or 2" Cleanable Filters  Standard on all 3Ø Models. Optional on 1Ø Models.

*Must be installed on or after May 1st, 2009, and registered online within 90 days of installation. Otherwise, the warranty reverts to the standard warranty as published in the product warranty certificate. This warranty does not apply to R-22 or 3-phase models.

Publications and Manuals
DescriptionPart NumberFile Size
Tech Guides
Technical Guide - DNQ, DNX, DNZ024 thru 060 Affinity™ Series R-410A Single Package Air Conditioners 333491-YTG-D-04095931 KB
Installation Instructions
Installation Manual - DNQ024 thru 060 Affinity™ Series R-410A Single Package Air Conditioners 437758-YIM-A-04093517 KB
Accessory Installation Instructions
1CE0701 Contactor Enclosure Kit 035-18437-001-A-0503299 KB
1FE0413 Flue Exhaust Kit 130213-UAI-A-0605192 KB
1FF0110 Filter Frame Kit 530.46-N1.18V-099557 KB
1FF0112 Filter Frame Kit 530.46-N1.15V-109928 KB
1HA0802 Natural Gas and Propane High Altitude Conversion Accessory 10861-UAI-B-0407126 KB
1LN0802 Low NOx Accessory 530.46-N1.14V-049626 KB
1NP0807/1NP0809 Propane Conversion Accessory 289836-UAI-C-110936 KB
1NP0808/1NP0810 Propane Conversion Accessory 289835-UAI-C-110935 KB
2EC04700524 Single Enthalpy Kit 530.46-N1.9V-019914 KB
2EC06700124 Transformer Kit 10844-UAI-C-010927 KB
2EE04703124 Single Blade Economizer for Down Supply/Return Applications 530.46-N1.31U-0799276 KB
2EE04705324 Interposing Blade Economizer Damper and Hood Assembly 035-19857-000-A-0104435 KB
2LA04700824 Low Ambient Kit 10766-UAI-B-1208297 KB
2TD08700324 Anti-Recycle Timer Kit 530.46-N1.16V-099524 KB
Installation Accessory - 2EC04700924 Dual Enthalpy Kit 035-13354-000-A-040216 KB
Submittal Drawings
1AK0107 Round Adapter Kit 530.46-SD13Y-119587 KB
1BD0406 Burglar Bar Kit 036-22443-001-B-090378 KB
1FA0406 Manual Outdoor Air Damper (0% to 50% Capability) 530.46-SD14Y-119532 KB
1RC0449 & 1RC0463 Roof Curb 036-22442-001-A-0203413 KB
2EE04703124 Economizer for Down Supply/Return Applications 530.46-SD19Y-0797226 KB
2FA08700124 - Motorized Fresh Air Damper (0% to 50% Capability) 530.46-SD15Y-029748 KB
DNQ024 thru 060 Affinity™ R-410A Single Package Gas/Electric Air Conditioners (14 SEER) 512232-YSD-B-1009101 KB
Submittal Data Sheet - 1FE0413 Flue Exhaust Kit for Single Package Gas/Electric Equipment 036-22982-001-A-060599 KB
Submittal Data Sheet - 1HG0812 and 1HG0817 Hail Guard Kit 530.46-SD12Y-059741 KB
User Manuals
2009 ARRA York Residential Pkg Tax Certificate 512304-YFM-A-0309_WEB _10-13-09_370 KB
User Manual - Single Package Gas/Electric Air Conditioner 291891-YUM-A-0207270 KB
Warranty Information
Compressor & Parts Warranty for Single Package Units 522744-UWA-A-040922 KB