Single Package Cooling and Heating Units
ZF 036-072 R-410A Sunline Packaged Unit

3 - 6 Tons

13.0 SEER / 10.8 to 11.0 EER / 80% AFUE

Compressor - 5 years
Heat Exchanger - 10 years
Other parts - 1 year

ZF 036 to 072 Sunline Packaged Unit

The convertible Sunline Magnum series R-410a commercial rooftop line combines a high-efficiency and advanced-economizer controls with unprecedented installation flexibility and low-installed costs. A single footprint size serves all units from 3 to 6 tons. Offered with Natural Gas heat.  This new ZF 036 to 072 line also has our Simplicity control board standard on every unit.

Special Benefits
  • HCFC-410a Refrigerant
  • Simplicity Control Board
  • Installation time and costs are reduced by easy power and control wiring.
  • All units are factory-wired, piped, charged, and tested prior to shipment.
  • Factory-installed options such as stainless steel heat exchanger, electric heating elements, single enthalpy economizer, high static drive blower motor, coil guard, dirty filter switch, hinged filter door, and tooless access panels further reduce installation costs.
  • BAS factory mounted controls include Simplicity Intelli-Comfort, Novar, Honeywell, Johnson, and CPC. 
  • Factory mounted supply and return air smoke detectors.
  • Gas and electric utility knockouts are provided on unit side and bottom for easy connections.
  • Convertible airflow design means no panel cutting is required, and no accessory panel is necessary.
  • Wide range of indoor airflows using belt-drive blowers.
  • Durable finish, made of powder-painted, galvanized steel to meet 1000-hour salt-spray test demands.
  • Full-perimeter base rails are permanently attached to provide a solid unit foundation and fork lift access.
  • Compressor is internally protected against high pressure and temperature.
  • Grooved copper tubes and enhanced aluminum- fin construction improve heat transfer.
  • Heat exchangers are corrosion-resistant, with aluminized steel tubular construction for durability and long service life.
  • Permanently lubricated condenser and evaporator fan motor bearings need no annual maintenance.
  • Complete line of field-installed accessories, propane and high-altitude conversion kits, motorized dampers, single enthalpy economizers, and dual enthalpy sensors are available.
  • Durable, light weight all aluminum Microchannel condenser coil.

  • Publications and Manuals
    DescriptionPart NumberFile Size
    Consumer Brochures
    Consumer Brochure - Simplicity Intelli-Comfort Controls 246391-UCB-A-0105141 KB
    Tech Guides
    Technical Guide - ZF / ZR / XP Series 036 thru 072 R-410A Gas/Electric Single Package Air Conditioners and Heat Pumps 251933-YTG-K-03107751 KB
    Installation Instructions
    Installation Manual - ZF Series 036 thru 072 R-410A Single Package Rooftop Units (13 SEER) 570568-YIM-A-03101981 KB
    Accessory Installation Instructions
    Installation Accessory - 1CG0401 Coil Guard 035-07388-000-A-050046 KB
    Installation Accessory - 1FA0403 Manual Outdoor Air Damper Accessory (0% to 35% Capability) 530.18-N1.13V-069843 KB
    Installation Accessory - 1FA0404 Manual Outdoor Air Damper Accessory (0% thru 100% Capability) 530.18-N1.14V-069869 KB
    Installation Accessory - 1FE0405 - 1FE0410 Flue Exhaust Kit 035-14868-001-A-060289 KB
    Installation Accessory - 1GP0401 / 0403 Gas Piping Accessory 035-12566-000-A-0201153 KB
    Installation Accessory - 1HA0420 Natural High Altitude Conversion Accessory 11031-UAI-B-040775 KB
    Installation Accessory - 1HA0423 Propane High Altitude Conversion Accessory 11032-UAI-C-040776 KB
    Installation Accessory - 1HA0445 Natural Gas High Altitude Conversion Accessory 166916-UAI-B-0407185 KB
    Installation Accessory - 1HA0446 Propane High Altitude Conversion Accessory 166895-UAI-B-040774 KB
    Installation Accessory - 1LN0406 Low Nox Conversion Accessory 253431-UAI-A-0506183 KB
    Installation Accessory - 1NP0440 Propane Accessory 530.46-N1.29V-029727 KB
    Installation Accessory - 1NP0485 Installation Instructions Propane Conversion 166165-UAI-A-100567 KB
    Installation Accessory - 2AP0401 Air Proving Switch (APS) 258895-UAI-A-0606184 KB
    Installation Accessory - 2AQ04700324 CO˛ Sensor, Wall Mount 035-19230-000-A-10021370 KB
    Installation Accessory - 2AQ04700424 CO˛ Sensor, Unit Mount 035-19231-000-A-10023783 KB
    Installation Accessory - 2CE04510506 thru 2CE04513058 Electric Heat Accessory 035-19422-000-C-07051997 KB
    Installation Accessory - 2DF0402 Dirty Filter Switch (DFS) 035-20197-000-A-0604121 KB
    Installation Accessory - 2EC04700924 Dual Enthalpy Kit 035-13354-000-A-040216 KB
    Installation Accessory - 2EE4703724 Economizer Accessory 035-19404-000-A-0203230 KB
    Installation Accessory - 2FB04700825 & 2FB04700846 Fuse Block Accessory Kit 035-19457-000-B-0403205 KB
    Installation Accessory - 2LA04700100 0°F Low Ambient Accessory 035-16751-000-A-0102153 KB
    Installation Accessory - 2MD04700324 Motorized Outdoor Air Damper Accessory (0% to 100% Capability) 530.18-N1.12V-0698128 KB
    Installation Accessory - 2ML04700324 Field Installation Simplicity®Linc Module 514066-UAI-B-0909980 KB
    Installation Accessory - 2PE04703025 and 2PE04703046 Power Exhaust Kit 530.18-N1.10V-099794 KB
    Installation Accessory - 2SD04700324 Smoke Detector Accessory 035-19459-000-A-0503109 KB
    Installation Accessory - 2SH0401 Relative Humidity Sensor (RHS) 035-20198-000-A-0604144 KB
    Installation Accessory - 47318668007 Condensate Control Pan Kit 130485-UAI-A-060598 KB
    Installation Accessory - Computer Process Controls Building Automation Controller 035-18520-000-A-010222 KB
    Installation Accessory - Honeywell Building Automation Controller 035-18521-000-A-1101210 KB
    Installation Accessory - Johnson Controls Building Automation Controller 035-18522-000-A-010229 KB
    Installation Accessory - Novar UCM Building Automation Controller 340991-UAI-C-070927 KB
    Installation Accessory - S1-0310252900* Wall Mounted Zone Sensor 270414-UAI-A-090644 KB
    Installation Accessory - Simplicity Control System Communication 035-18513-000-B-010290 KB
    Installation Accessory - Simplicity Intellli-Comfort Control System 97585-UAI-A-1004175 KB
    Installation Accessory - Simplicity Transporter Setup 525683-UAI-A-04091142 KB
    Submittal Drawings
    Submittal Data Sheet - 1BD0401 Burglar Bars 246871-YSD-A-0103138 KB
    Submittal Data Sheet - 1FA0403 Manual Outdoor Air Damper Accessory (0% to 35% Capability) 530.18-SD1.13Y-069847 KB
    Submittal Data Sheet - 1FA0404 Manual Outdoor Air Damper Accessory (0% thru 100% Capability) 530.18-SD1.14Y-069867 KB
    Submittal Data Sheet - 1FE0405, 1FE0406, 1FE0407 & 1FE0408 Flue Exhaust Kit 530.18-SD46Y-119621 KB
    Submittal Data Sheet - 1RC0434 and 1RC0465 Roof Curb 530.22-SD10Y-029753 KB
    Submittal Data Sheet - 1RC0442 Roof Curb for 3 to 6 Ton Single Package Rooftop Models w/ & w/o Bottom Condensate Drain 334836-YSD-A-0507142 KB
    Submittal Data Sheet - 2MD04700324 Motorized Outdoor Air Damper Accessory (0% to 100% Capability) 530.18-SD1.12Y-0698106 KB
    Submittal Data Sheet - ZF Series 036 thru 072 R-410A Sunline Magnum™ Single Package Rooftop Units (13 SEER) 542613-YSD-B-0410186 KB
    User Manuals
    User Manual - DM, DF, DH, DCG, DEG, DHG 036 - 076 Mbh Single Package Gas/Electric Air Conditioners 035-18843-004-A-0204681 KB
    Warranty Information
    Warranty Certificate - Unitary Products Limited Warranty 5 Year Hermetic Compressor Limited and 1 Year Other Parts 65711-UWA-A-0602215 KB
    Warranty Certificate - York 10 Year Heat Exchanger 035-09484-001-A-0602219 KB
    Simplicity BRIDGE System Guide 036-33174-001-A-100484 KB
    Simplicity Controls Features and Options Guide 036-33175-001-A-090420 KB
    Simplicity Equipment and Controls Matrix 036-33173-001-A-100499 KB