Gas Furnaces

60 - 120 MBH Input

97% AFUE

Heat Exchanger - Lifetime
Other parts - 10-Year Limited*

97% AFUE Modulating PSC Multi-Position Gas Furnace

These compact units employ induced combustion, reliable hot surface ignition and high heat transfer aluminized tubular heat exchangers. The units are factory shipped for installation in upflow or horizontal applications and may be converted for downflow applications.

These furnaces are designed for residential installation in a basement, closet, alcove, attic, recreation room or garage and are also ideal for commercial applications. All units are factory assembled, wired and tested to assure safe dependable and economical installation and operation.


Special Benefits
  • 100 Stage Modulating PSC Design
  • Compact 33 Height and Standard Cabinet Widths
  • Multi-Position Design With Minimal Conversion Requirements
  • Airflow Leakage Rate of Less Than 1% of Total Airflow @ 1 ESP
  • 4 Speed PSC Motor with Large, Quiet Blower
  • Fully-Supported, Slide-Out Blower Assembly for Easy Service Access
  • Tubular Aluminized Steel Primary Heat Exchanger
  • High-Level Self-Diagnostic Controls With Fault Codes
  • Sharp Edges Eliminated By Folding and Flattening the Sheet Metal
  • Fully-Gasketed, Independent Access Doors With View Ports
  • All Models Are Propane Convertible without changing gas valve
  • Lo-Nox Models Meet Specific Code Requirements

*Must be installed on or after May 1st, 2009, and registered online within 90 days of installation. Otherwise, the warranty reverts to the standard warranty as published in the product warranty certificate.

Publications and Manuals
DescriptionPart NumberFile Size
Tech Guides
Technical Guide - TM9M 97% AFUE Modulating Multi-Position 33" PSC Gas Furnaces 410756-UTG-C-0409105 KB
Technical Guide - TM9M 97% Modulating Gas-Fired Multi-Position Gas Furnaces (PSC Motor) 563717-YTG-A-0310140 KB
Installation Instructions
Installation Manual - TM9M*MP 97% AFUE Modulating 33" PSC Gas Furnaces 561276-UIM-A-03102275 KB
Accessory Installation Instructions
Guide d' Installations - S1-1CT0302-636/S1-1CT0303-636 Terminaison D'Event Concentrique 435695-UAIF-A-110871 KB
Installation Accessory - 1BR0514/614, 1BR0517/617, 1BR0521/621 & 1BR0524/624 External Bottom Mount Filter Frame Acessory 506177-UAI-A-030937 KB
Installation Accessory - 1CT0302, 1CT0303 Concentric Vent Termination 66641-UIM-F-0905_035-14287-00073 KB
Installation Accessory - 1HT0901 Side Wall Vent Kit 246178-UAI-A-080447 KB
Installation Accessory - 1HT0902 Side Wall Vent Kit 276016-UAI-A-1006125 KB
Installation Accessory - 1NP0680 Propane Conversion for Use With All Modulating Models With White Rodgers 36E27 Gas Valve 247589-UAI-F-0210114 KB
Installation Accessory - 1SR0402 Filter Frame 430731-UAI-A-090838 KB
Installation Accessory - S1-1NP0681 Propane Conversion Accessory Kit for Use With All Modulating Models With White Rodgers 36J27 Gas Valve 528014-UAI-B-021093 KB
Installation Accessory - S1-32642583000 and S1-3264594000 Inducer Replacement Kits 035-22216-002-C-031098 KB
Installation Accessory - S1-32642583000 Inducer Replacement Kit 035-22192-001-A-0808116 KB
Installation Accessory - S1-33102936001 (ECM) & S1-33102937001 (PSC) Control Board Kit for use with all Modulating 33 80% and 97%+ Furnaces 035-22217-001-B-0110222 KB
Installation Accessory - S1-33102972000 (PSC) Control Board Kit For Use With All Modulating 33 97%+ Furnaces (2nd Generation) 035-22814-001-A-0210120 KB
Installation Accessory - S1-37327804001 RF Interference Service Kit 035-21358-001-A-050721 KB
Installation Accessory - S1-37327813001 Furnace Label Kit 341248-UAI-A-070711 KB
Installation Accessory - S1-37327905001 thru S1-37327905006 (2 Cell thru 7 Cell) 33" Burner Box Kits for all 33" Gas Furnaces 533818-UAI-B-021099 KB
Submittal Drawings
Submittal Data Sheet - TM9M 97% Modulating Gas-Fired Multi-Position Gas Furnaces (PSC Motor) 563715-USD-A-031084 KB
Repair Parts
Repair Parts - Condensate Pan Replacement for Use with All Condensing - 95+ AFUE 33" Gas Furnaces 035-22785-001-B-031067 KB
Repair Parts - TM9M Series 97% (PSC) Modulating Multi-Position Gas Furnaces, 2nd Generation, "Style A" 035-22813-001-A-0210871 KB
Repair Parts - TM9M Series 97% AFUE (PSC) 33" Modulating Multi-Position Gas Furnaces "Style A" 035-22084-001-G-0210931 KB
User Manuals
User Manual - All Residential Multi-Position 33" Gas Furnaces 356486-UUM-I-08092386 KB