The New Face of Technical Training 

We are dedicated to providing dealers and distributors the technical edge required to be successful. We've set our goals high: to make training materials available at product launch. In fact, Johnson Controls would have it no other way. The Unitary Products Technical Training team creates a comprehensive, diverse, award-winning offering that includes:Screenshot from the 33" Modulating Gas Furnaces online technical training program

Online Training (Self Paced, Video on Demand, Webinars)**

Traditional Hardcopy Training Manuals

On Site (Traditional Classroom) Training

Mobile Device Access (Including the iPod Series) **

Instructor Support and Materials

Our Unitary Products technical training is now more accessible than ever. Best of all, our complete (and growing) online technical training series is available at no extra cost to contractors participating in the Liberties Plus and Certified Comfort Expert (CCE) programs. The high-level training allows technicians to advance their expertise and product familiarity in a fraction of the time required in the past.
Our files are compatible with many mobile devices, including the popular iPod series

Traditional hardcopy training manuals are also availableOur customers enjoy reduced service support requirements, increased customer loyalty, and greater brand satisfaction. Intangible benefits include reduced warranty and support costs. We’ve truly positioned ourselves as a partner in educating technicians, providing greater profitability to contractors and distributors.

One happy customer had great things to say about the ProficienTECH system: "The interactive presentation modules and tests are just awesome. They're so much better than anything I've seen, thanks to the depth of the material that is presented on everything from product installation to service and troubleshooting.”

** Included in a Liberties Plus or CCE Subscription